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Science-to-Policy Process

The ASM3 organizers developed three streams for input into the ASM3 science process. These different input streams shaped the deliverables for ASM3: the  final report , Joint Statement of Ministers  and Project Database. For national science programs, a formal Request for Information was sent by the ASM3 organizing committee to countries participating in ASM3. A similar Request for Information was sent to Arctic Indigenous Peoples' Organizations and as well as participating international Arctic science organizations. The ASM3 Organizers also held a series of online workshops and webinars to solicit feedback and share findings with the international Arctic research community. 

Ministerial Reports from the ASM3 Science Advisory Board

Summary from the ASM3 Science Advisory Chairs in Iceland and Japan , Embla Eir Oddsdóttir and Hiroyuki ENOMOTO

Report from the ASM3 Science Advisory Board, Theme 1: Observe , Hajo Eiken, AOS Representative 

Report from the ASM3 Science Advisory Board, Theme 2: Understanding , Mia Bennett, APECS Representative 

Report from the ASM3 Science Advisory Board, Theme 3: Respond , Embla Eir Oddsdóttir, Iceland Representative 

Report from the ASM3 Science Advisory Board, Theme 4: Strengthen , Andrey Petrov, IASSA Representative  

ASM3 Science Advisory Board

The ASM3 Science Advisory was brought together under the guiding principles for ASM3: transparency, inclusivity and implementing a bottom-up approach to science. The board was comprised of 12 individuals nominated by international organizations engaged in Arctic research. The board was responsible for reviewing all of the science projects submitted to the ASM science process and worked to synthesize the findings in the final report under the leadership of ASM3 science consultant, Jenny Baeseman. The board was assembled to reflect both gender parity and Indigenous representation. 

  1. Iceland Representative: Embla Eir Oddsdóttir
  2. Japanese Representative: Hiroyuki Enomoto 
  3. Arctic Observing Summit Representative: Hajo Eicken 
  4. Association of Polar Early Career Scientists: Mia Bennett 
  5. ASM1 Representative: Fran Ulmer 
  6. ASM2 Representative: Karin Lochte 
  7. International Arctic Science Committee Representative: Henry Burgess 
  8. International Arctic Social Sciences Association Representative: Andrey Petrov
  9. Indigenous Arctic Knowledge Holder Representative: Liza Mack 
  10. Indigenous Science Representative: Eva Kruemmel 
  11. Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Representative: Sandy Starkweather 
  12. University of the Arctic Representative: Arja Rautio 

Ex Officio Members: Lindsay Arthur, Jenny Baeseman, Hajime Kimura, Yuji Kodama, Tetsuo Sueyoshi

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