Hoppa yfir valmynd


arctic tern 



2016: The 1st Arctic Science Ministerial

Fact Sheet: United States Hosts First-Ever Arctic Science Ministerial to Advance International Research Efforts

2018: 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial

The presentations and initiatives in Arctic research of the participating countries and organizations have been compiled in a Conference Report  The report covers the Science Forum and the Joint Statement of the Ministers.

The Joint Statement of the Ministers  issued by the Ministerial participants from 26 nations and regions declares the necessity of intensifying international cooperation in Arctic research.

2021: 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM3)

The third Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM3) took stock of the progress made by the international community in Arctic science initiatives. These results can be found in the final Report , Joint Statement of Ministers   and the ASM3 Database . ASM3 was co-hosted by Iceland and Japan and held in Tokyo, Japan 08-09 May 2021.  

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