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Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic  was the overarching theme for ASM3 and included four sub-themes under the titles:  Observe, Understand, Respond, Strengthen. The ASM3 organizers and Science Advisory Board conducted a robust and inclusive science process to provide a strong foundation for all the final outcomes of the ASM3. These outcomes create useful tools for cooperation, deepen our understanding of both the achievements and challenges that lie ahead, and provide a strong framework for taking urgent action. 

ASM3 Outcomes: 

Report: Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic

Joint Statement of Ministers (with signatures

ASM3 Project Database

ASM3 Webinar Series 

International Collaboration and Cooperation Opportunities

Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples

National Arctic Policies 

Establishment of the Arctic Science Funders Forum


ASM3 Organizing Committee 

The ASM3 Organizing Committee included members from the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture: Ásgerður Kjartansdóttir and Lindsay Arthur ; the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Hajime KIMURA ; and the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research, Yuji KODAMA and Tetsuo SUEYOSHI . They were joined by science consultant, Jenny Baeseman  (Baeseman Consulting & Services, LLC). 

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